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For pet health enquiries please contact Arra Veterinary Clinic (062) 31439

Why Choose our Preventative Care for your pet

€140 Small Breed (<10kg)  €160 Medium Breed (25kg) €180 Large Breed (>25kg)

  1. Vaccination: Important to prevent lepto, parvo, distemper and other serious conditions. Even if your dog does not meet another dog, lepto is spread by rats urine in puddles etc
  2. Worming: Worm eggs are microscopic so even if you can’t see worms they can spread from faeces to mouth.
  3. Fleas-did you know that 99% of fleas live in the environment and only hop on your pet for a blood meal
  4. Ticks: spread lyme disease and other infections as well as sores from the bites.


What is Included?

  • 2 Annual health checks
  • Annual vaccination
  • Years supply of worm treatments
  • Years supply of flea and tick treatments
  • Free professional advice about looking after your new pet.
  • Unlimited nail Clips

What you get in detail:

A pet owners ourselves we know how special that bond is between you and yours! We want that experience with you friend to be as pleasant and troubl e free as possible. Each visit is explained below:

VISIT ONE: Comprehensive nose to tail examination with our vet including nail clip & ear clean, Annual seven in one vaccination. Flea treatment and de-worming. Discussion about looking after your adult pet including diet.

VISIT TWO: Weight check with our vet nurse. Worm and flea treatment.

VISIT THREE:  Nose to tail nurse health check. Worm and flea treatment.

VISIT FOUR: Weight check with our vet nurse. Worm and flea treatment

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