12 Pet Tips of Christmas

We are all getting ready and excited for the festive season but what about our pets? Find out how to keep your pet happy and healthy this Christmas with our 12 pet tips of Christmas



  1. Christmas Decorations:

While we love to look at all the beautiful ornament in our pets’s world these are fabulous new toys to play with!  Tinsel is especially attractive to cats. Unfortunately they can also cause injuries to pets especially if they are eaten. Small objects can be swallowed causing internal blockages which can be life threatening. Make sure decorations are kept well out of way of curious pet.

2. Christmas Dinner

Want to give your pet his own Christmas dinner this year? Avoid  onions, garlic, raisins, sultanas, dates and grapes, chocolate and alcohol as these are toxic to pets.  Also avoid fatty foods such as potatoes cooked in goose fat or butter as these can cause pancreatitis. If you want to make a special pet dinner, the ideal treat is plain, cooked turkey and some delicious crunchy vegetables!

3. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree:

Cats love Christmas trees, a flying Christmas tree however is a hazard to people and pets! Ensure that the tree is well secured if you have a climbing cat. Keep an eye out for stagnant water in the base of real Christmas trees, dogs can become ill if they drink from it

4. Christmas Jumpers:

While you might love dressing your dog up in festive wear he may not appreciate it at all. Respect your dog’s wishes and don’t dress them if you feel your dog gets stressed.

5. Christmas guests:

Does the constant stream of visitors over the holidays get on your nerves? Your pet probably feels the same way. They may become overwhelmed with guests in and out and show some undesirable behaviour. Provide a quiet corner for your pet to hide and rest in.

6. Christmas plants:

Auntie Madge may love her poinsettias, and a kiss under the mistletoe but these can cause a tummy upset in pets if eaten. Lilies more seriously can cause kidney failure in cats.

7. Cold Weather:

The weather has thankfully been quite mild this year. During cold weather watch out for salt on footpaths that will burn dog’s feet while out walking.

8. Presents under the tree:

Beautifully wrapped chocolates under the tree can be lethal to a curious dog. Expensive dark chocolate can cause toxicity when only a small amount is eaten. Keep food presents up high away from sensitive noses

9. Batteries

There are often a lot of new electronic toys and devices around the home at Christmas time and so the risk of battery ingestion is much higher around this period. A pierced battery can cause chemical burns and heavy metal poisoning to a dog and even if the battery is not pierced when chewed, a whole battery may cause a serious intestinal obstruction.

10. Candles

They may create a cosy atmosphere, but candle flames can burn paws and the curious noses of furry friends. There’s also risk of them falling over when brushed against.

11. Fireworks

Noisy fireworks around the new year can cause a lot of upset for many types of pets. Dogs and cats go missing after bolting due to the loud noises. Please ensure you have your dog and cat microchipped so they can be traced if they end up missing.

12. Finally, enjoy Christmas and remember to have your vet’s on call contact details to hand. If you need one of us in Arra Vets in case of emergency  call 0872899191. We are always happy to help