All about Milo

All about Milo

What better way to start our blog than by telling you all about Milo my pal and best bud. Milo came into my life in May 2012 the day my vet final results came out. I had told no one at home because I didn’t want anyone to change my mind. He was the only red puppy and we instantly fell in love. How couldn’t I, that little face?

We did everything together.. My first job in Clare- He was such good company. He would sleep on my bed and on the first call of the night would always be down the stairs in front of me. If I had to go on another call the same night he wouldn’t budge from the bed…once a night was enough for him (I definitely agreed with him there).

He became protector and baby sitter of my little son when he was born a year later. Never rough with him and ever so patient.

Milo is one in a million and I hope you enjoy this blog. If Milo could talk I’m pretty sure he would give the best veterinary advice ever. He has heard so much from under the desk in Arra Vets. I love him to bits and I know there are a lot of other people that love him out there too.

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M&M (Mairead and Milo)