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Euthanasia at Arra Vets


Saying goodbye is never easy.

Knowing when the time is right for peaceful euthanasia is hard. We support families at this time through the end-of-life stages by providing palliative care for pets.

When the time comes to say goodbye we are there for you too. Providing peaceful and pain-free euthanasia is very important to us. We have a family room in the clinic so pets and their family can feel comfortable. We are happy to provide home euthanasia where we can for families.

We ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible during the procedure by providing our euthanasia patients with a gentle sedative to allow them to go to sleep amongst family prior to placing an intravenous catheter and administering the final injection. We take our time, listen to your concerns and do not rush the procedure.

Paw Prints
We are happy to work with Paw Prints to provide cremation services for pets. We can discuss this in detail with you at the time. For more information on cremation visit https://www.pawprintscremation.ie/

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