Insta-Pup Filter

I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you without your instagram filter’

This is the case for a lot of puppies sold on donedeal, on, on social media. We all know how false social media is, instagram and it’s many filters yet we still believe. We believe that those lovely white puppies sitting in a row on the couch on a beautiful red blanket  are always sitting there. We believe that mum is well looked after and a family pet, we believe that they are not from a puppy farm. Any person who breeds puppies for the sole purpose of selling them….is a puppy farmer! Whether they breed one litter a year or 40, they are still farming puppies.

In a recent survey carried out by Dog’s Trust 74% of Irish people said they wouldn’t buy a puppy if they knew it was coming from a puppy farm YET 45% of owners didn’t take any steps to find out if their puppy came from one. 21% said that the puppy was delivered to them or they met in a mutual location to pick up the puppy.

There is no such thing as maltichons, cavachons, cavapoochons, labradoodles, shihpu, borkies and the list goes on. These are crossbred dogs that are being sold at premium price as ‘designer breeds’.  People are churning out puppies for profit and the internet gives them an easy platform to do so. They tug on people’s heart strings because it is very hard to walk away from that cute little face. Every time someone buys one of these puppies this encourages breeders to continue producing more.

Some red flags to watch out for:

  1. Someone not willing to let you see the mother and father
  2. Someone that insists on meeting you somewhere or delivering the puppy
  3. Someone who hands you vaccine bottles as proof of vaccination (this is NOT proof)
  4. Someone who is uninterested in you or your familly
  5. Puppies that are not microchipped
  6. Puppies that are sick

Some questions to ask:

  1. What vet the puppies are registered with?
  2. Where is the puppy’s vaccination card?
  3. Have any of the puppies in the litter being sick?
  4. Where are the breeding records?
  5. Have the pup’s been dewormed?

If these questions aren’t answered or they are unwilling to give information, walk away and contact the ISPCA.

I encourage you to visit your local animal sanctuary and talk to them. Pick out a healthy, neutered, vaccinated dog that will fill your life with love. There is big and small, young and old, long and short haired all waiting there for their second chance.