Keep Pets Safe at Halloween

Keep Pets Safe at Halloween

Hello Howl-aween!

Hi everyone, happy Halloween! I’ve been listening to lots of talking about bangers, fireworks and other scary things. Read on if you want some advice for your pet the next few days.

Identification – with all best intentions pets go missing at halloween. Make sure you have them chipped-both cats and dogs! All pets should have some sort of identification on them at all times so they can be returned. Keep all pets locked up indoors so they don’t end up on Tipperary lost and found next week.

Noise – pets are so sensitive to noise, their ears work a lot better than ours! A bang from a firework may be deafening to them and suggests huge danger. Soften the noise of fireworks by playing a radio louder and distracting them with tasty chews or toys. A crate covered with a duvet is like a soundproofed room.

Stay Calm – It’s important to stay calm yourself. Don’t overly comfort or reassure your pet, you are best to ignore the change in behaviour. Reassuring your pet is natural but by doing this you are saying to your pet ‘yes you are right there is something horrible going on out there. Ignoring them means that you are letting them know that everything is normal and there is no need to worry.

Adaptil and Feliway – these are synthetic phermones that communicate to your pet in a way they understand. They give your pet reassurance and security in their environment. We find them super in the clinic for calming pets and making them feel more at home

Sweets – Finally keep pets away from Halloween candy, chocolate and other sweets. It is also important to make sure they don’t have access to Halloween decorations that they might eat or chew on and candles that could burn them. Halloween costumes are also potential chew toys and unless pets are used to been dressed up can find them really stressful.

Talk to us in the Arra clinic if your pet is extremely anxious and we can discuss sedatives and anxiolytics. Halloween is the time of year to make sure your pet is tucked up safe inside while you enjoy the festivities.

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