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Neutering at Arra Vets


Any dog not intended for breeding should be neutered. This not only prevents unwanted litters but also has health benefits for the dog in question. People sometimes worry that neutering their pets will change them but this isn’t the case.

Neutering dogs in our clinic is a day procedure and the patient will go home in the late afternoon. The procedure starts with a full clinical examination and then an individualised anaesthetic plan is created for the pet in question. Most pets will have a buried absorbable suture that won’t need removal. Pets will have their own nurse monitoring anaesthesia throughout the procedure until they wake up again. Thorough monitoring of our patient includes heart rate, ecg, blood pressure, capnography, breathing and temperature. Pain relief is provided before, during and for 4 days after as required.

For patients under 8 years old we recommend preanaesthetic bloods but the choice is yours, however for pets over 8 pre anaesthetic bloods is a requirement for general anaesthesia. We can run these in our clinic with results 15minutes later. We are checking blood cell count, liver function and kidney function among other things.

Our prices range from €120 to €200 depending on the size of the patient and the individual requirements.

Our price includes:

  • Pre-surgical health check
  • Pre-anaesthetic bloods as needed
  • I/V cannula and fluids if required
  • Up to date anaesthetic protocols and continuous monitoring during surgeries
  • 2 free post-op checks
  • Home with pain relief for post-operative pain
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