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Palliative Care at Arra Vets

Palliative Care

Knowing your pet is ill or in pain is hard and trying to make the right decision about gentle euthanasia is difficult. When a cure is no longer possible our aim is to provide pain-free and stress-free days for pets until their peaceful euthanasia.

Seniors are special in Arra Vets and so much can be done to keep them comfortable and live out their twilight years with dignity. We are fully kitted out and experienced in dealing with senior pets. We can provide a holistic treatment plan including medications, diet, acupuncture, supplements and physiotherapy which can significantly improve the quality of life for senior patients.

We use quality of life scales and pain scales to assess pets each step of the way so advice can be given accordingly. Our vets are qualified in fear-free techniques and can assess not only a pet’s physical wellbeing but also their emotional wellbeing. We are there with you every step of the way.

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