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Physiotherapy at Arra is run by Sarah a fully qualified veterinary physiotherapist (link to staff). Physio can be life-changing for a pet. It can help restore movement and function for animals affected by injuries, illness or developmental conditions.

Physio can help:

  • Control pain
  • Restore mobility
  • The psychological wellbeing of pets

We offer a range of physio services including:

  • Static assessment
    -Dynamic assessment
    -Manual therapies (massage, joint mobilisations, stretches and different soft tissue techniques)
  • Electrotherapy – laser, PEMFT, thermotherspies
  • Remedial exercises such as individual exercise programs to encourage correct movement, recovery, suppleness and improve proprioception
  • management advice


  • Full assessment and treatment 1hour session land-based €70
  • Repeat sessions land-based half-hour €50
  • Physio hydrotherapy session €65
  • Hydrotherapy €45

Pet insurance

Did you know a lot of insurance companies provide cover for ongoing physiotherapy treatments? Check with your insurer prior to your appointment and bring any relevant documents with you.

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