Lickimat Wobble Bowl


Provide your pet with an endless supply of boredom busting with the Lickimat Wobble Treat Bowl, a fun spin on the original LickiMat Soother with it’s raised bumpy surface. We provide a yummy treat to get your pet started!

Watch your pet create their own fun as the Wobble spins and rolls around the floor, providing a tasty and fun game while they seek out every morsel of the snack with their tongue.

Designed to enhance your pet’s environment while benefiting their dental health and hygiene, Lickimats are a non-medical way to promote calm behaviour while your pet is home alone or during stressful events, such as storms. The calming hormone Cortisol is released when pets lick repetitively, so your pet will feel soothed and relaxed. Fresh breath and dental hygiene are promoted, as bacteria and undigested food particles are gently removed from the tongue. Saliva production is stimulated during feeding from the Lickimat, which helps to clean the tongue, teeth and gums as well as aiding digestion.

Made from natural rubber, the LickiMat Wobble is non-toxic, microwave proof, freezer-friendly and dishwasher safe. On warmer days, we love to freeze LickiMats with their fillings to give dogs a longer lasting, cooling snack. LickiMats should be regularly inspected for wear, and removed from the pet if any piece becomes loose or detached.