Pet First Aid Box


This First Aid Box is one of it’s kind. It contains everything you need to help your pet not only an emergency but also for many other minor ailments and illness.

This box is put together for you with veterinary recommended products. The products in this box are what we recommend on a daily basis to pet owners. Now we have put them altogether in one handy carry box for you. A necessity for all pet homes!

Oralade solution- for tummy upsets, diarrhoea, prevent dehydration and dehydration. Yummy treat when frozen!

Bandaging- we have included a large selection of different bandaging (dressings, vet wrap, padding, conforming and tape)

Gauze-for cleaning wounds, or applying to a bleeding wound

Rope lead- nice to have hidden away in the box for emergencies

Tick buster- instrument to help remove a tick from your pet

Scissors- Don’t know about your house but we can never find a scissors when needed!

Gloves- needed to protect you from messy situations

Syringes- so handy for syringing fluids, medication, even collecting urine if needed

Urine container- good to have to hand to collect a sample if required.