Oralade Rehydration Drink


Oralade is a big favourite with our sick patients, they love the highly palatable chicken flavour even when they are feeling horrid.

Milo adores this as a yummy frozen treat. I fill up an ice cube tray and give him the whole tray to lick and keep cool in hot weather.

We have included this in our first aid kit because we think it is so important to have at home in case your pet gets diarrohea, vomiting or needs to be rehydrated.

Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT)
Ready to serve and highly palatable – 100% Natural chicken flavor
Encourages even nauseous patients to readily drink.
Free from citrates, preservatives or chlorinated water which have a negative impact on palatability.

Balanced electrolytes, glucose and nutrients
Supports gut health along with rehydration.

Isotonic formula
Osmolarity 300msOmL, enables fast fluid replacement and absorption, providing effective rehydration. Zero Phosphorous and Zero Calcium

Low phosphorus
Suitable for renal patients

No bitter-tasting preservatives
Highly palatable natural chicken flavour

Hypoallergenic and zero contraindications
Suitable for all breeds and ages of cat and dog, including renal, diabetic, and more.


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