Pet First Aid Box

First Aid box I put together in Arra Vets

Are you prepared in case of emergency? Do you have a first aid kit to hand if your dog starts bleeding or your cat gets an allergic reaction? If not maybe you should put a pet first aid kit to the top of your to do list. Here is a quick guide of things I suggest you should have

1. Card with Important Information

In a sealed plastic bag place the following information so it is close to hand

  • Your vets number and emergency out of hours number
  • A list of medication your pet takes
  • All your pets vaccination and medical records

2. Restraints

Cats and dogs can become fearful when hurt and painful, these can make them aggressive and unpredictable. It is important to keep yourself safe and avoid injury.

  • Slip lead-quickly restrain the dog
  • Muzzle-to prevent bites
  • Towel or blanket- wrap dog or cat to prevent scratches and bites and make animal feel more secure

3. Bandaging

A selection of gauze, non stick padding, cotton wool and vet wrap can be used to control bleeding and keep wounds clean until you get to the vets

4. Medications

  • Antiseptic- clean wounds etc
  • Spare supply of your pet’s prescription medication
  • Antihistamine- If your pet has an allergic reaction (always ask your vet first for a dose)
  • Pain relief-next time you are in with your vet ask them about having some sort of pain relief in stock in case they are involved in an accident or hurt themselves that you have something to give them before travel
  • Rehydration sachets- handy to have if your pet has a stomach bug or has lost a lot of fluid with exercise or needs rehydration for whatever reason
  • Flea and tick treatment- especially important to have in case you find a tick on your pet.

4. Other handy tools to have

  • Scissors- cutting bandaging etc
  • Buster collar- to stop your pet licking at wounds, also handy to prevent bites
  • Tweezers- remove foreign objects from wounds
  • Gloves-keep your hands clean
  • Collapsible water bowl