Vaccination Voices

  • Do I need to Vaccinate every year?
  • What shots does my puppy need?
  • What am I vaccinating against?

To try and make this as simple as I can I will introduce the most common and relevant disease your dog can pick up if they are not vaccinated correctly.

Kennel Cough: Virus that can be picked up whenever your dog shares airspace with another dog- out walking, groomers, vets, doggy day care and kennels. Not life threatening but very annoying for dogs and owners. A dry hacking cough that can last up to three weeks. We seen numerous cases annually especially during the summer.

Parvo: Virus that can be picked up in lots of areas- is potentially anywhere. Is a very strong hardy virus that survives a lot of disinfecting and washing. Can be carried home on your shoes, clothes etc. Dogs can pick it up by sniffing, licking and all those doggy things dogs do!! This disease is horrendous and in most cases leads to death. If you don’t agree with vaccines do one thing and get your dog a parvo vaccine!! We have had at least 7 cases in the last 6 months and unfortunately all died.

Leptspirosis: Bacteria carried by rats and other wildlife in urine. Can be spread by dogs drinking from puddles and swimming. Horrible liver and kidney disease that can cause death in most cases. This disease can also affect humans and is very dangerous for pregnant ladies.

Distemper and hepatitis: These diseases aren’t as common now because vaccination has helped eliminate them. We may see cases coming back soon because of the reduced amounts of people vaccinating.

Rabies: not in Ireland but vacccination is needed if travelling abroad.

How often do I need to vaccinate?
I have outlined below recommended vaccination protocols. Tests can be done for some vaccines to find out if your dog is still protected but these are very expensive to do. If you are afraid of over vaccinating at least vaccinate against parvo and lepto.

Signing off
M&M (Mairead and Milo)