Vet Mum Life

Apologies for the lack of social media up dates recently, I guess I’ve being busy. I’m a Vet Mammy after all- no not a vet of Mammies but a Mammy that happens to be a vet.  With one small 4 year old boss at home and another nearly ready in the oven it has been a busy few weeks.

Being a vet isn’t just a job…it takes over your life but being a vet mammy takes over your other half’s life and your kids life too. ‘Mammy is going into the clinic to a sick dog or cat’ is a routine phrase in our house. I have a mini vet at home that knows where to find the drip bags in the clinic, knows what a giving set is and helps get bandages from the bandaging press.


VMG (Vet Mum Guilt) is a real disease, it’s a chronic lifetime disease that can’t be treated, only managed. I suffer with it really bad- dog in clinic on a drip needing looking after and minding, little boy at home needing cuddling and stories before bed. Sunny Saturdays spent playing with waterbowls and syringes when we should be digging with buckets and spades. Christmas morning xraying an injured cat when we should be playing with new toys. Late evenings in the clinic working on an emergency when your baby is crying at the minders to be collected. VMG- vet mum guilt slowly eats away at you and becomes harder and harder to treat until you realise that family life is number 1. Without a stable family life as the foundation, every other aspect of your life can crumble and fall.

I love my job and I love my family. I find it hard to choose between them and try to combine them both. This means that my little boy becomes a little helper,  learning about the life of vets early on. Hopefully it instils in him a love and respect of innocent creatures that rely on us the humans. Hopefully it gives him a good work ethic foundation for his future and hopefully he understands growing up that together we are a team and a family working hard together for a great life.