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Fear Free Clinic at Arra Vets

What is fear free?

At Arra Vets, we are committed to giving your pet as fear-free an experience as possible. We have based our business model and design on this concept. Fear-free has helped change the way we work for the better.

Ask us why we are different:

  • All of our consults are 30 minutes long. This allows time for your pet to settle in and adjust to their surroundings. Feel free to play with your pet with the toys in the consult room or offer them a treat. Open your cat’s carrier and allow them to explore.
  • No waiting room: We try to move you as quickly as possible into your consult room to avoid waiting and mixing with other pets and strangers.
  • Our weighing scales are hidden in the ground under fake grass to avoid any scary experiences
  • We have bandanas sprayed with adaptil pheromones and blankets with feliway pheromones in reception. Just ask!
  • Our cat only consult room is specially designed with cats in mind. No dogs go in here to avoid species interaction and stress. Our cat consult room has a diffuser of feliway on at all times to make sure cats settle in quickly
  • We don’t use forceful restraining techniques in our clinic unless absolutely necessary in an emergency situation. Treats and warm cuddly blankets we find works better. Lickimats are a favourite with our patients. We prefer to reschedule an appointment with some nice happy drugs on board than make them scared of the vet.
  • We try as much as possible to do what we can with owners present. We won’t take nervous pets ‘down the back’ if they prefer to stay with the owner. Owner relationship with pets is so important in our treatment plans
  • Owner communication: Part of fear free is involving pet owners in the treatment plans. We believe in open transparent veterinary medicine. We now use a free download app PetsApp that means we can stay in easy communication at all times.
  • For bigger procedures like surgeries and dentals let us know if your pet is nervous and we will premed them with you so they are nice and sleepy before you leave them for their operation. No pets will wake up alone, always will have someone there for a smooth recovery
  • Happy visits: pets can come in for free and be showered with treats and bouncy balls and love to desensitise them to going to the vets
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